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Flying Free Podcast

With Natalie Hoffman

What Role Does Fear Play in Our Religion and Our Relationships?

Flying Free began in early 2016 and has grown into a thriving education and support community that reaches women of Christian faith in controlling relationships and religious environments.

December 2023

Divorcing Religion Podcast
With Janice Selbie

White Evangelical Power and Control

The Divorcing Religion Podcast features guests who have experience, knowledge and expertise in the area of Religious Trauma Syndrome. 

February 2024

Story Time 
With Dr. Jennifer Bird

Discussion of some of my history, what led to my getting into Family Therapy, and my research on the white American fundamentalist evangelical culture.

Dr. Bird's work focuses on inviting others to think quite honestly about the role that the Christian Bible plays in our world. 
She encourages people to think for themselves about what is and is not in there!

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Articles and Publications

White American Fundamentalist Evangelical Power and Control Wheel

Social inequality and abuse are prevalent within the White fundamentalist evangelical culture and permeate society; therefore, the Duluth model was the inspiration to highlight influencing cultural factors and tactics used by those with power and privilege within the religious subculture possibly to exert power and control to aid those affected by the religious subculture and clinicians. Examining a few underpinnings influencing the cultural framework is necessary to initiate a conversation on how culture may perpetuate a cycle of power and control.

Dissertation- Narrative Inquiry: White Fundamental Evangelical Construction of a Mental Illness Paradigm

Integrating spirituality with mental health treatment increases treatment efficacy; however, there increased mental illness stigma has been found by those who hold to fundamental values. The problem addressed within this study was a need to understand how the White fundamental evangelical culture constructs meaning around mental illness. The purpose of this qualitative narrative inquiry study was to explore how the religious culture socially constructs a meaning around mental illness.

Professional Work: Credentials
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